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Concordia Expeditions Pakistan is owned and staffed by people for whom travel is not simply an interesting job, but an all-consuming passion. We believe that travel should not simply be a business, but a way of exploring and understanding the world and the diverse cultures that inhabit our planet.

Adventure travel is becoming mainstream, and is increasingly losing the element that makes it so special – real adventure. Too often the promises made aren’t kept – how often have you read that you’ll get to ‘meet the locals’ and been disappointed in the brief encounter that’s delivered, or that you’ll stay in a ‘local home’ to discover it’s little more than a hotel? We believe that your time overseas is precious and that you deserve more. Off the beaten track for us is much more than just an overused marketing slogan – we really will take you to places where few other tourists have visited. our clients, after their trip keep in touch with us, many making repeated visits. many have gone to become a very good friends. we believe no matter how happy the client goes back home, one can improve further.

We are dedicated to give you a quality trip and an inside to a local cultural and our way of life. we offer you adventure and comfort with “traditional local touch”.  your special advantage as a guest of CEP is that you will be  look after by people who belong to the valleys and villages through which you will be travelling.

Our team of dedicated staff have remain with the core team since 1992. they bring vast experience of both tourism and management with a focus on.

CEP highly and strongly recommend who shows the interest to travel before signup to the trip we will provide past traveled clients contacts for your personal mental 100% stratification guaranteed of tours & treks .