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The rapid rise to fame of Alexander the Great, a young man from a remote region in northern Greece, is one of the most dramatic episodes in the world history. A brave soldier and a brilliant commander.

In 334 BC. He invaded Asia Minor, modern Turkey the eastern Mediterranean to Egypt, he occupied basis of the Persian fleet. His campaigns in Persia and India changed the whole history of Asia.

In 326 BC. Alexander swept across the Hindu Kush mountains. He was first European to cross over Oxus and Indus at Ohind above Attock, to capture the plains beyond the Indus River. He then advanced to Taxshasila or Taxila, a great flourishing city, the capital of Raja Ambi.

In the time of Alexander, Punjab was divided among a large number of small states, Taxila being the capital only of the tract between the Indus and the Hydaspis. Alexander arrived safely home at Susa in Persia. His Indian expedition had lasted just three years.

Two thousand three hundred years after his arrival, his legacy lives on in many of the cities of the sub-continent bearing his name Sikander, the Urdu version of Alexander is a common given name to male children.