Islamabad – Besham – Gilgit – Hunza – Minapin – Hapkun – Rakaposhi Base Camp – Tagapahri – Rest Day- Diran Base camp side trip – Hapkun – Gilgit – Besham – Islamabad.

Altitude: 3650 m. Max.Rakaposhi View from its base camp (Tagafari)
Season: May – Sep.
Duration: 15 Days.
Zone: Open

Rakaposhi is the crown jewel of the beauty of Nagar and Hunza valley. It is present in Nagar valley and majestic views stun every eye that falls upon Rakaposhi. Treks in these valleys, seldom on trekkers’ itineraries, are readily accessible by road with mostly easy trails and superb views. This treks tends to be the easiest and is a hot favourite of new comers. Apart from the trek itself, splendid drive on the Karakoram Highway gives you the best opportunity to explore Pakistan’s mighty mountains.

Diran Peak View from Rakaposhi base camp

Karimabad is a delightful town perched high to offer stunning views of the Hunza valley. We have a full day here for rest, acclimatization and sightseeing. All the fields in Hunza are watered by an extensive irrigation system and there some good walks along these water channels. It will be the apricot season and everyone will be picking and drying the new crop. The white washed Baltit Fort, once the home of the ruling Mir, guards the valley and is now a museum. Even more dramatic is Altit Fort, perched above a sheer drop to the Hunza River.Rakaposhi  & Diran glacier

Hunza Valley is famous for its lush green orchards, rapid rivers and internal peace. The entire valley is dominated by the famous Rakaposhi peak (7186 m). The Rakaposhi trek will give you a chance to enjoy the beautiful surrounding valleys and shall also take you closer to the gigantic peak for an overnight camping experience at its foot steps.