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Altitude:  4000 m. Max.Bike tour to Deosai Plains
Season:     July – Mid Sept.
Duration:  13-15 Days.

The Deosai Plains (4000m) are 32km south of Skardu. This plateau is the habitat of the greatly threatened Himalayan brown bear and many other wild animals. At an average elevation of 4 meters, Deosai is known a national park and protected  Nanga Parbat Rupal Face Above Sheosar Lake On The Deosai Plainsarea for wildlife. The rolling grassland here supports not trees or shrubs and the area is snow covered for seven months of the year. Spring comes to Deosai in August when million of wild flowers being to bloom all over the lush green grassland. This is a time when Deosai looks like paradise with a landscape full of wild flowers on green rolling hills and crystal clear water streams with snow covered peaks in the background.Skardu Baltistan

The adventure bike tour will take you right across the beautiful mountains ranges of Himalaya and Karakoram. Traveling on KKH, you will enjoy most spectacular scenery on earth. Before reaching Deosai, you will also witness the magical views of Nanga Parbat (8125m), the ninth highest peak of the world, from different angles at Deosai, our first stop will be at Sheosar Lake. This place offer beautiful views of south face of Nanga Parbat and panoramic views of Deosai Plains. At Bara Pani, you can spend one day and visit the core zone of National Park for Bear Watching or you may enjoy fishing in the cold water of Barwai stream. From Deosai, we will drive back via Skardu and Gilgit and have a chance to enjoy the most thrilling drive along the River Indus.