Burdwara Ballila in Pakistan


Wagha/Lahore Airport – Lahore – Sheikupura – Lahore –  Islamabad/Rawalpindi – Hasan Abdal (Panja Sahib) – Hasan Abdal (Panja Sahib) – Islamabad/Rawalpindi – Lahore.

The little town of Hasan Abdal is on the Grand Trunk road 48 km (30miles) from Islamabad. It is a small town and railway station along  the main Lahore-Peshawar railway line in Attock district. It has been considered holy by several groups, largely because of its springs. It is said that Guru arrived here at the end of his tour of West Asia.

It is not clear who Hasan Abdal himself was or which if many tombs in  the town is his. In the 15th century the town was associated with the Guru Nanak, founder of the Sikh religion and with the contemporary  Muslim saint, Baba Kandahar, whose shrine is on top of the hill overlooking the town. In the 17th century the Moghul Emperors stop  here annually on their way to Kashmir. In the second half of 18th century the Sikhs captured Hasan Abdal from the Afghans and later continued west across the Indus and took Peshawar.