“Great trip! Guide, cook, assistants and porters were excellent.
They treated me very well. We were served wonderful meals and never had any stomach troubles.
The scenery on the Baltoro is like no where else on earth. Had many great moments of solitude, taking in the mountains and reflecting on life.
This is a challenging trek, made easier and more enjoyable by the Concordia Expedition’s crew. I would recommend Concordia Expedition to anyone interested in treks in Pakistan. Who knows I may be back before too long.”

David Salo

“I made arrangements for our Concordia trip with Bashrat over internet. He made very very + very great services. Fazal was a great leader and the staff porters by Zahid Karim + Abdul Karim were great. This trip is one of the great trips in the world.”

Jeff Davis

“I may be the first woman with an artificial hip that got to Concordia-K-2 with Concordia Expeditions. Amazing trip, awesome mountains and wonderful, friendly staff, especially Zahid Muhammad, Akbar and Abdul Karim. They were great!”

Dottie Korn Davis

“The crew of Concordia Expeditions was excellent. Everything went all like clock work. Very Best Wishes for the future.”

Michael Gustanvson

“It is very hard to limit good things; I want to say about Concordia Expeditions Pakistan. This is my 4th trip with them. I started in 1994 with a jeep safari to Hunza and Skardu. I was so well treated by Fazal Karim and Sahib Noor. I just had to return for more adventures. 1995 six weeks including Shandura Pass and Kasgar with 2 weeks in Karimabad. 1996 Concordia Trek and now a too quick visit to Kaghan Valley and my favorite Karimabad again.
I travel mostly with Fazal Karim and have the very most appreciation for his professionalism, his love of his country and culture, his humor, his sensitivity, his soul. Through the doors he has opened for me, I have seen a Pakistan that few foreigners are allowed to see. He includes me in conversations with his friends, dinners with his family. In turn, I now count jeep drivers, cooks porters, etc as my friends.
When the crazy would back home in the USA becomes too much to cope with, I have a huge supply of good memories to sweep me away to Pakistan those special mountains and people some day I will have to return.”

Ellen Spillman

“Our Concordia trek, for me, was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The incredible wild beauty and power of the great Karakoram was beyond my imagination and will forever be imprinted in my mind and heart. The guides, the cooks, the porters were all so helpful and friendly. We became friends with many. The situation that presented us from crossing the Gondogoro La handled expertly and brought us closer together. Sahib Noor really showed his leadership and his and his bravery, during this tough situation. The depth of the staff, including Amin & Shakil was excellent and got us all out safely and with high hopes. I feel a special attachment to Sahib Noor and his staff, as well as my fellow trekkers Barry, Dick, Meinte, Vanessa, and my great friend Cobbster.
I will dream incredible dreams about these mountains and people for many many years.”

Bizz Johns

“Great trip and great mountain viewing. The only downside was the Khunjarab Pass trip, where I saw fit to barf 3 times beside the KKH.”

Garry Rogers

Here we are again in Pakistan! This time it was a trek along the Wakhan Corridor looking for Osara! The scenery was fantastic can’t wait to get home to look as my slides and relive that’s great experience – snow and All! Zahid (Guide), Karim (Cook) and Shah (Assistant Guide)kept us entertained & happy all the way. This time we also entered south all the way to Uch Sharief – great place for photography – could have used more fine there! We enjoyed karim’s excellent cooking and did not mind the sometimes may be not too prestine dish towel as the “Kathleen Salyes” mentioned on a previous page!
Keep up the good work.

Sigrid Selle
San Francisco, CA USA

We have been traveling along the KKH. It has been a perfect combination of biking, trekking and sightseeing. The company and Guide have been excellent. We admire his good humor and patience and the ability to change the schedule according to our desires.

Edvard Benjaminsen, Knut Vannes, Laila Ronning,
Merete Alstad and Inge Viken

Through you for the assistance during the trek to Concordia and Hunza tours. I loved to see K2 and Broad Peak base camp. All the team tried to organize a nice trekking and relaxing atmosphere.

We did not cross the Gondogoro La. The pass was closed because of the a cravesse was moving and getting bigger and the fix rope was taken out. Even if you are a experience climber, the guide, the cook and the porters can’t cross without fix rope and sign on the way around the cravesses, ladder etc. so if you really want to do climbing and trekking you should choose something else with no permit or where you can finish alone.

The cinerary on Concordia while beautiful weather is breathning, thank you showing us!

Marc Nagel & Sita

“Dear Noor,

Thank you for the wonderful experience I had with you on the Baltoro Glacier. I enjoyed every minute I spent in Hunza and Baltistan, and I appreciate the kind of hospitality you extended to me during my visit

My trip went very well and I returned to the United States in late September. Since that time, I have been assembling a photo album to tell the story of my adventures, and it already fills five thick volumes.

The best part of the trip was the wonderful friends I made along the way, and you are at the top of that list. I deeply appreciate the time you took to introduce me to the Karakoram, I shall always treasure the time we spent together on the glacier.”

Barry A. Murphy
United States

“Actually the Concordia Gondogoro La trek was not a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I think I will go back there and combine it with the Biafo Hisper traverse. Once you did this, you want more!
Sahib Noor and his staff are professional, friendly, empathetic, skilled, joyful and a pleasure to work with. Though relaxed and easy at first sight, when the going gets tough, they know what to do and how to do. This distinguishes them from most of the other trekking co’s. The other distinctive feature of Sahib Noor’s “gang” is that they really incorporate you in their lives in or outside Hunza. The hospitality is incredible and nothing is too much. Don’t look any further-Concordia Expeditions can do it for you.”

Meinte Dijkstra

“This is Adventure Travel at its most adventurous! The entire Concordia Expeditions team was fantastic. The clients instantly became a integral part of the one big Hunza family, and the family team proceeded into the Baltoro together, commandant Sahib Noor is the most energetic, excited and expert guide one could possibly ask for. In a pinch, he is an incredible Bulldog, all in all, an unbelievable trip. One that can not soon be duplicated! My thanks to everyone in the family.”