Tour Itinerary:

Islamabad – Chilas – Hunza – Kashgar – Urumqi – Urumqi – Nanshan – Xian – Beijing – Beijing – Islamabad.

Come with us to explore a country that holds many mysteries and stories! China and neighboring Pakistan have strong connections going back in time to the Silk Road. Concordia Expeditions Pakistan offers you an opportunity to experience some of the less known and traveled parts of China, visiting a myriad of historical monuments and sites and meeting its many minority nationalities including the Uiygur, Kirghiz and Mongolians.

Bizaklik and Kezil are just two of many ‘Thousand Buddha Caves’ to be found along the entire length of Silk Road. Local aristocracy contributed to the beautification as well as the merchants and travelers. They donated money to these quiet refuges in grateful thanks of having survived the hazards of the journey and seeking heavenly protection and guidance for the stage ahead. The frescoes and statues adorning the caves are typical of an artistic style that scholars have labeled Gandharan. Of abandoned cities, Gaochang and Jiaohe at Turpan are the most impressive. Their ruined, mud-brick walls date from 17th century AD, though the sites were founded as early as the 1st century BC. Manuscripts, in many languages, discovered among the ruins show the cities to have been at a crossroad of trade and culture.

Xi’an is home to life-size terracotta warriors of the 1st Emperor of Qin. Standing guard for more than 2,000 years. They were unearthed in 1974. The ranks of soldiers were set to guard the emperor in his afterlife. They include archers, infantry, cavalry, and war horses standing 1.5 meters high.